Otisco Engineering offers a wide range of engineering, consulting, and project management services in engineering disciplines including mechanical, environmental, soil & water, and underground utilities. The specific services we can offer are listed below.

Mechanical Engineering

  • Geothermal heating and cooling/ mechanical systems
  • Building equipment vibration isolation design
  • Building equipment restraint design for wind and seismic forces 
  • HVAC/Plumbing (Meet IBC Codes)
  • Commissioning building systems – such as HVAC, plumbing meet operational needs and design objectives

Environmental Engineering and Consulting

  • Septic and packaged sewage-treatment systems
  • Permitting: stormwater and waterways
  • Soil, surface water, and groundwater monitoring
  • Landfill Engineering: leachate and landfill gas

Soil and Water Engineering

  • Compliance (Ohio/US EPA, US Army Corps)
  • Site and stream restoration
  • Groundwater/hydrogeology/drainage
  • Green infrastructure/low-impact development
  • Stormwater management, compliance, credits
  • Engineered wetlands

Underground Utilities

  • Geothermal loop fields: horizontal, vertical, ponds
  • Geothermal: installation/oversight/inspection
  • Cisterns and plumbing to harvest/reuse rainwater
  • Utility locating and mapping

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